Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Divisions and Miracles


18 Abril..
I learned a lesson today: Don't trust Elders. 3 of the Elders in our district are from Mexico.When I was talking with Mamacata, they put chile on my mango. So yeah, I have now eaten a mango with chile. Hno Felix is going to attend church again this Sunday and has his baptism date set for the 30th of Abril.

19 Abril..
We woke up at 3:20 AM to travel all the way to the capital for Immigrations. Hna DeRosier and I got to catch up and tell each other what is going on in our areas. After 3 hours in Immigrations, I came back to the Church oficina to my companion, who had a drink and a donut for me. We had a fun Noche de Hogar with the Familia Cwa and Hna Roxana.

20 Abril..
For some reason, everyone gives me so much food and tells me "Eat (coma)!" Today, we had lunch with Mamacata and her husband tried to give me a tortilla room temperature and she said "No, caliente para la canchita." I am known as Barbie, Eva and Canchita para Mamacata.

21 Abril..
Today we had divisions. I stayed in Patzicia with Hna Ortega. So many blessings happened today. We found Hno Enrique and His esposa, Johana. We also had a really good lesson with Hna Roxana about her baptism.

22 Abril..
We had a conferencia with the jovenes about missions. It was a lot of fun. It was fun to hear stories from Hna Romero's mission and E'Utrillo's mission.

23 Abril..
We had a lesson with Hna Roxana after Sacrament meeting and she is going to be baptized this Friday! We found a man that attended church before and met with the missionaries, but wasn't baptized. Hopefully, we can get him to attend church and baptized on the 14th de Mayo. It has started raining a lot here in Patzi.

24 Abril..
Lunes is one of my favorite days of the week. We played volleyball, basketball and soccer with our district. I was really happy to play volleyball and basketball. I tutored again today. I honestly love it so much. It's a special service I can do and it honestly helps my Español.

Some days are hard, some days are the best days ever. I love being a missionary.

Read 2 Nephi 7

con amor,
Hna Tibbits

Sunday, April 23, 2017


I don't have a lot of time this week for a long list of everything that happened . I did want to write about how the Lord knows us and He knows what we need. This week I have been thinking a lot about the people we are teaching and how the Savior can change their lives. This week was Semana Santa in Guatemala and a lot of people celebrated all week. I heard fireworks every night and morning. Public transportation stopped on Friday until Sunday night. There should be fireworks every day, because the Savior lives and we have the opportunity to change and be better. I am so grateful for the Atonement and for the love the Savior and our Heavenly Father has for each of us. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church. I know that Christ paid for each and every one of our sins. I know the Lord loves us and blesses us. Christ lives. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and I know this because the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
 greatest blessing this week: Hno Felix travelled 3 hours to attend one hour of church and go back to work 3 hours away again. I hope we all have the faith that he has and if we don't we can gain it.

con amor,
Hna Tibbits

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cambios 1: completed


5 Abril..
Today was a normal day. 2 of our investigators aren't progressing anymore, which is really sad. I got told I look 14 years old by an old lady and then my district leader told me I looked 21 yrs old... Tutoring English went really well. I'm glad for the opportunity to not only teach a class of English, but tutor 3 highschoolers as well.

6 Abril..
Today was a good day. We met with various investigators, converts and less actives. One of my favorite families has a little girl about 2 or 3 yrs old. She always gives me hugs and today gave me a juice box with my hug. The members are so funny and like to joke around with us and make us feel like normal people. I love this gospel. I love the joy and peace it brings people.

7 Abril..
Today, we met with the Garcia family and had lunch with them. It was a lot of fun. They were impressed that I liked chile. Also, my companion is convinced I have a gift with babies. One baby in particular only smiles for me and stops crying when she can see me. We met with the Obispo and his family tonight. To their family, I'm Hna Mary Jane from Spiderman...

8 Abril..
Henry and Aida moved back to our area and hopefully will be baptized this domingo. Miracle of the day: We found a family that had the missionaries visit before and the mom gained a testimony of the church. She doesn't attend any other church because she knows The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church. The problem is it's hard to attend church, because she has to take 2 buses to the church and doesn't have a lot of money.

9 Abril..
Domingos are great. I love Patzicia and the people here. I am grateful to be here.

10 Abril..
So my companion thought she was going to be changed, but she wasn't. She's stuck with me for 6 more weeks. By the end of my first 12 weeks, she will have been in Patzicia for 7 1/2 months. We visited Iximche today (an ancient Mayan Ruin) with our zone. It was really fun and interesting to see everything. Elder Larin leaves for his home tomorrow and we get a new zone and district leader. I love Pdays. I also tutored tonight, because we didn't know if we would have cambios or not..

con amor,
Hna Tibbits

1. Hna Romero and I.. and our district leader (E'Larin)

2. Our district/zone before cambios


3. Tutoring.. Sometimes they think I am funny

4. Our new district.. can you guess who is the only one that speaks English?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Exchanges with Elders and General Conference


28 Marzo..
Hna Rodriguez and Hna Jauregui got their new assignment/area. They left today and their area is officially closed. We now have 3 companionships in our district. (muy pequeño) Contacting in the night has now gotten hard, because there is so much fog. While we were meeting with a member family, I was asked to pray in English (one of the girls is learning English). It was more difficult than I thought. They told me I need to practice my English..

29 Marzo..
Today we had divisions for 3 hours with the Sister Training Leaders. I had to lead, because it was my area. (They both came to work with us in our area: Hna Romero and one went to Los Planes and I stayed in Patzicia with one) We met up with our companions at 1 pm. We didn't have English class again. We met with Hno Clementin (Menos Activo). I helped him with his English and corrected his story for his English class. He learned most of the English he knows on his mission. Apparently, I have really good handwriting for someone that wants to be a nurse and in general.

30 Marzo..
Today we had interviews with President Markham. It was actually really fun to talk to him and hear some stories about our mission and his son. (his son served in Korea) He also helped set up a way for me to watch general conference in English. Huge blessing for me. I accidentally talked in vos today, which we're not allowed to do. Something I learned from President Markham is that we can win every day, when we pray and plan our days with the Lord.

31 Marzo..
Not much happened today.. I love every day here, but sometimes there's nothing new to write about.

1 Abril..
Hna Romero and I had divisions with Elders today, so Elder Sweat and I could watch conference in English. I really like conference today. I am so glad to be serving a mission now. I also lost my name tag... Luckily, I have two and asked for more.I really liked the talk by Elder M. Russell Ballard about goals. It's really important for us to have goals that stretch us a little and make us a little better. I really liked when he said, "goal setting is seeing the end in mind and planning is figuring out how to get there."

2 Abril..
I love conference and am so grateful for the opportunity to watch it in English. Today while meeting with a menos activo, she started talking about how much happier I seem now. I am happy. I love Patzicia and the people here. I am also changing careers and opening a tortilleria.

3 Abril..
We woke up at 3 am to leave Patzicia at 5 am for Panajachel with our district. Lago de Atitlán is so beautiful. I bought a bigger backpack to carry everything we have to carry. We're hoping for Hna Roxana and Hno Manuel's wedding today, so She can be baptized this Saturday.

Con Amor, Hna Tibbits

Panajachel con mi companera

 So much food with mi companera

Too much food...