Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New Companion Same Area


This week went by crazy fast! I have a new compañera, Hermana Argueta. I am still in Patzicia and am loving every moment. We are working extra hard to find those who are ready and looking for the truth.

24 Mayo: Hna Brand and Hna Romero se fueron. The patzi trio came to an end. I found out that I am also in charge of retención for our zone.

25 Mayo: Here in the mountains it is a little hard, because the people have really stubborn hearts. I have learned that most often when you start with we would like to offer a prayer with you all or ask them what motivates them to attend their church they open up. It's been amazing bringing others unto Christ and always talking and testifying of Christ.

26 Mayo: I know I am not the perfect missionary, but I love being here in Patzicia. I am working really hard with my companion to find nuevos and help those come unto Christ.

27 Mayo: I love being a missionary. I love sharing the gospel and the happiness that it brings. We found some really calidad people and I know they were put in our path for a reason.

28 Mayo: Today was a good day. I really want the people of Patzicia to be happy and receive the blessings of the gospel. I'm still new to this whole Senior companion and Junior companion thing. Who would have thought that I would be the senior companion right after my training...

I would encourage you all to read Matthew 11, 12, 14
Miracles exist and I am so grateful I get to see them in my life and in the lives of our investigators and conversos.

con amor,
Hna Tibbits

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Training is Over

I finished my training this week. 3 months flew by super fast! We have transfers tomorrow. I am staying in Patzicia and have been called to be the senior companion. I love Patzicia and am grateful I am not leaving just yet.

Highlights of the week:

17 Mayo: We had divisions with the STLs. Also, Hna Brand and I were super sick. We only had 2 lessons this day, because we went to Chima to start divisions and then rested for most of the day in the house.

18 Mayo: Hna Brand and I completed 4 months as missionaries. It has been fun being companions with her.

19 Mayo: We went to los planes. Hna Brand and I played games with 2 hijos de Hna Lupe. We also got corte to wear at Stake conference.

21 Mayo: The last day of Hna Brand and I's training. We wore corte for the conferencia. En la noche, we made funeral potatoes with our next door neighbors (son miembros). They put their funeral potatoes in tortillas.

22 Mayo: We played soccer with our zone and went to Chima for Pizza Hut. Hna Romero is going to the capital and Hna Brand is going back to San Andres. My nueva compañera is from El Salvador and we're both senior companions.

con amor,
Hna Tibbits

1. Hna Roxana and us in corte
2. Our zone before cambios
3. We completed 4 months.
4. I can make flour tortillas like they make in Honduras. Tortilleria Tibbits coming soon (:
5. Our party of international food: Guatemala, Honduras and USA

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New Companion and Mother's Day

This week was full of miracles and activities.

10 Mayo..
Hna Brand is my new companion. We're in a trio till the 23rd (when we have transfers.) It's fun to have someone that has the same time in the mission as me. We both went to USU at the same time and know the same people, but didn't know each other before. We found a man that attended church before and stopped going, because of his work. We're hoping to be able to motivate him to attend church again.

11 Mayo..
We had entrevistas with President Markham. After we went to San Antonio, we found a family muy calidad. The mom of the family received her answer (we visited her once before but didn't find her spouse until today.) We also had an ataque of the area of los elderes in Zaragoza. We went in divisions and I honestly had so much fun. Members are awesome for helping the church progress.

12 Mayo..
Today was my final reunión de nuevos. Hna Brand and I hit our 4 month mark together this Thursday! Everyone keeps saying my spanish has improved a lot.

13 Mayo..
We found another family today! (more like 2 because there are so many of them. We just need to find the abuelo to complete the family) Hno Felix asked about where the baptisms take place. He is really excited for his baptism, just needs to get over his fears of falling back into his sins.

14 Mayo..
Mother's day is now one of my favorite holidays. We had the baptism of Hermanito Fernando. He was so happy! We got to skype our families after. I love my family so much. I am grateful for the one of the greatest blessings Heavenly Father has given us, Mothers. I wouldn't be in Guatemala serving a mission if it wasn't for the example and support of my mom.

Read Luke 1:37

Con Amor,
Hermana Tibbits

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I only have time for a few highlights of the week!!

2 Mayo: Hno Felix received the answered that he needs to "seguir adelante" in the church.
3 Mayo: We met with Hna Roxana and taught her about repentance and are hoping that she will decide to be baptized soon. I got to teach English to two little girls.
4 Mayo: We had an ataque of our area. (when all (6) of the missionaries in our zone came and worked in our area for 2 hours. The Elders brought dulces for us Hnas. We received a bunch of referencias. Hno Abel agreed to pray about the church and wants to attend the church.
5 Mayo: We found another investigator that is practically ready for baptism just needs the permission of her mom. She attends the youth activities and has attended church the past 2 weeks.
6 Mayo: We visited Hna Roxana with the Zone Leaders and couldn't be more clear that she needs to be baptized, but she is firm in her decision to wait. Breaks my heart a little.
7 Mayo: We met with Hno Felix and challenged him to be baptized this domingo. Vamos a ver que paso.
8 Mayo: Hermanito Fernando is ready for his baptism this Domingo!! I also cut my hair and now miss my long hair like none other.

Con Amor,
 Hna Tibbits

10 de Mayo is día de madres and the Elders made a certificate for me to give to Hna Romero for being my mom of the mission

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hna Mary Jane without keys

1 thing I learned this week is that in Latin America, they teach there's only 5 continents, not 7.

26 Abril..
A mission has it's ups and downs... Hna Roxana has decided to wait till Hno Manuel returns for her baptism. Honestly, it's the saddest thing when people know the gospel is true and hold the Book of Mormon in their hands and decide not to be baptized. (now or ever) Faith is a gift and I am glad I get to share it with others.

27 Abril..
2 meses in Guatemala! I love Guatemala and the people here. I am almost done with my training, I have 3 weeks left. All the Elders joke I am going to be a trainer this next exchange.. One even wrote President about it... We had zone conference and talked about how we pay a price for every one of our investigator's baptisms and it's a different price for everyone.

28 Abril..
We visited with one of our milagro investigators and we're really hoping she receives an answer to her prayers soon and realizes it. "When we let HIm help, there's no limit to what we can become."

29 Abril..
So today, I forgot the keys in the house and we closed the door. Our patio is locked by a gate, so we couldn't leave our patio and we couldn't enter the house.. We ended up scaling the lamina of our neighbor's house to an opening into their backyard. It was super high up and I honestly had so much fear, but we are safe and found Hno Martin (the owner) so he could unlock our gate and house.

30 Abril..
We taught Felix twice today and are getting him ready for his baptism on the 14th. He has so much faith. He has quit drinking coffee and travels so far just to attend church.

1 Mayo..
We went to Antigua as a zone for our Pday! It was definitely a fun adventure. We ran into Hna DeRosier's zone and we got to catch up real quick! All the Elders "aww"ed and told me not to be too happy. Honestly, Guatemala is so pretty and the culture here is amazing and beautiful. I also received a gift for singing a hymn in English in a marketplace for a lady that sells cool stuff for missionaries.

con amor,
Hna Tibbits

DeRosier and I in Antigua

Hna Romero and I 

Antigua Guatemala Cathedral (Spanish: Catedral de San José) is a Roman Catholic church in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala. The original church was built around 1541, but suffered several earthquakes throughout its history, and the first church building was demolished in 1669. The cathedral was rebuilt and consecrated in 1680. By 1743 the cathedral was one of the largest in Central America.[1] However, the devastating 1773 Guatemala earthquake seriously damaged much of the building, though the two towers at the front remained largely intact. These have undergone restoration work, and the cathedral has been partly rebuilt.

Scripture case with John the Baptist and Jesus