Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Email to mom..

Momma momma momma. Te extraño mucho. That is crazy. Everyone is too young to be getting married!!!
My companion is the normal missionary age. She is 22. She is a convert to the church. I love her. She is so funny and we get along really well. I was talking with one of the Elders in my old district (he had a Dr appt.) He is from Guatemala and speaks Spanish and another dialect. He is learning English. He asked me how it was going with my new companion and I said good, we are like best friends and then he asked if we talked in English or Spanish. We almost always talk in Spanish or Spanglish. We do go to the office at least once a week. Ribera del Rio is really small, but we also go to the hospital a lot during the week. I love it though. I am really happy to be here! Hna DeRosier is in my district! How is the family?  I also like the dress Shelby is wearing. Do you think you could hook me up? 😉 How does it honestly feel to be a missionary mom? I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you. I hope the family is great. I love you all so much and pray for you all often. Also, I never know when I am going to write, because we never know when we're going to go to the hospital. Really, I Love you all. I am currently writing you on our smartphone and it's a little difficult and weird for me. Write you sometime next week.
Hey, I have to go. Love you lots!!!

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