Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New Companion, New Area, New Adventure

After almost 4 months in my beloved Patzicia, I got transferred. I am now in Ribera del Rio in the capital. My new compañera is Hna Carroll, the nurse of the mission. It's so different, but it's a good different. I love it here already. The area is a lot smaller and hotter than my area before, but I will get used to it.   A lot has happened this week.. There were hard days and there were good days.

8 Junio..
We had reunion de distrito today. After we had entrevistas with the Zone Leaders. Elder Alvarez and I talked a lot about my calling to be senior companion. I know the Lord called me to this mission for a reason. I know I have the companion I have now for a reason. I know I have been given this calling for a reason. This week I am going to focus on service and how I can really share the light of Christ.

9 Junio..
This was one of the hard days. Hna Glenda died in a car accident. She was one of the members I got along with really well and I was teaching her English. This life isn't easy and isn't meant to be easy. We are here to learn and to grow. We are here to be perfected in Christ. What are we doing now to prepare to meet God? We need to cherish every moment we have and every person we meet.

10 Junio..
Today, we went to Monte to plant trees with the familia Per. By the end, I had a lot of dirt on my face, but my heart was happy to serve. Also, panchas (tamales made out of potatoes) son bien ricos.

11 Junio..
The Elders called and I am being transferred. I enjoyed my time with Hna Argueta for 3 weeks. I learned a lot and hope I became a little better as a missionary.

12 Junio..
I am going to the Capital, Ribera del Rio! I said goodbye to various miembros and my heart hurt a little. Patzicia definitely has a special part of my heart. One of the members gave me a traditional shirt for my corte.

con amor,
Hna Tibbits

Planting Trees and one photo from our PDay in Antigua (missing one Hna and one Elder).


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