Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Elder Renlund


I am doing great and loving life here in Patzicia. I love the people here. I don't want to leave. So I forgot my agenda with what I wanted to say about this week and I don't have a lot of time. Yesterday, we had a conference with Elder Renlund of the 12 and 2 other missions. (mission South and mission East) It went really well.

Elder Renlund had three main points:
1. Thanks for the service of the missionaries
2. We are called by the power and authority of God to the places we serve (Off the mission as well).
The missions we have been assigned to are for a reason.
   -God guides the decisions we make with the spirit.
   -We are all children of God but to be a joint heirs with Jesus Christ and recieve all that our Heavenly Father has for us we need to repent and be baptised.
3. The leaders that we have are called to there callings by this same power and authority... by sacred revelation and they are called to receive revelation for us. They are perfect for us at this time.

1. Hna DeRosier and I at the conference with Elder Renlund.

2. Hna Brand and I at Zone Conference.
3. Our new zone

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